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Are you interested in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)?

Companies are moving towards the consumerization of IT and the employees are pushing towards that goal daily. Don’t let your company fall behind the curve, join the cloud.

Why choose United Data Cloud?

It’s simple, let’s break down. The majority of companies are concerned about Cost, Infrastructure, Security, Reliability, Expertise, Ease of Use, and Time. Here’s what we can offer and the reason why:

The initial cost of virtualizing your internal client endpoints can be enormous and sometimes overwhelming. The cost of a UDC Desktop and UDC Apps are fractions of the price and are presented as a monthly fee, so no more breaking the bank to implement a virtual solution.

The associated large cost of purchasing a virtual solution is hardware and infrastructure. No need to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment to host the virtual environment.

Your UDC Desktop and UDC Apps are protected in layers of security, hardware and software.  We follow best-practice and conduct frequent penetration tests to ensure the privacy of your data.

We can provide the same reliability as if our hardware was located in your datacenter. If you have access to high-speed internet, your system is guaranteed to be operational with our SLA.*

Training or hiring staff to learn a virtual infrastructure can be putting your company at risk, where inexperienced mistakes can cause outages and loss of production. Our staff has decades of combined experience to handle your requests.

Ease of Use
Not only do we provide ease of use for the user, but we also provide ease of use for the administrators. The users have a URL they log into and access their desktop, where the administrator has a console they can log into to provide or remove access to virtual desktops or applications.

No more waiting on a project plan that can take months to implement. You tell us what you need, we formulate a plan, and after the paperwork, your UDC Desktops or UDC Apps are at your disposal.

Consumerization of IT is approaching companies fast. Be part of the BYOD movement and inquire about our Cloud Services.