Bring your infrastructure to the cloud, United Data Cloud.

We can provide a fast reliable connection to your servers as if they were stored in your data center. No need to worry about refreshing server hardware or auditing countless servers, ensuring they are all under warranty. With our managed services, we provide a complete solution; from the conversion, to the hosting, to the maintenance. Save power and climate control costs when you choose UDC to host your infrastructure and never worry about another server overheating again!

Need VDI and don’t want to pay the upfront cost?

The initial cost of VDI can be an extremely large investment to many companies, so why not pay a lower cost per month? Yes, you can finance through a bank, but the bank can’t provide the level of expertise that comes with our VDI service. Most companies don’t account for costs that are associated with introducing a new technology into their environment, such as hiring someone to take on the role of managing the environment or having your IT department learn another complicated technology that they might forget in a few months.

Consulting or Contracting, I can’t decide!

If you’re unsure you should bring a consultant in to handle the project or assist in the preparation work, talk to an expert and let us help you make the decision. A lot of companies are unsure what’s involved in setting up a complete virtual environment, we’re willing to help guide you step-by-step in accomplishing your company’s goals.